Codornices Creek Watershed Council

Our Mission

The Codornices Creek Watershed Council (CCWC) is a stakeholder-based organization formed to protect and restore watershed health, expand awareness and stewardship, and facilitate collaborative partnerships with agencies, businesses, organizations, and the community. Codornices Creek

Who We Are

The Codornices Creek Watershed Council (CCWC), formed in 2005, is a local, volunteer organization made up of stakeholders who live and work in the watershed. The Watershed Council envisions a thriving Codornices Creek watershed, managed through a balanced comprehensive approach that fosters a viable and safe community asset for its citizens and stakeholders, as well as a balanced healthy ecosystem. Codornices Creek

We aim to work toward our vision by:

  1. fostering and increasing watershed stewardship;

  2. serving as a clearinghouse of information and projects;

  3. providing a forum for information-sharing and education about the watershed and important issues;

  4. bringing together stakeholders to make collective decisions and collaborate on watershed projects;

  5. facilitating partnerships between local agencies, organizations, and the community;

  6. providing oversight to ensure resource efficiency and improved management; and

  7. carrying out projects and programs that fill gaps in watershed management and education.

The CCWC recognizes the need to create a solid foundation as an organization in order to carry out our mission. In 2006, we were awarded a service grant by the Watershed Project to create a Watershed Outreach Plan. Pam Boyle, CCWC Coordinator, and Sapna Khandwala of the Watershed Project, who served as the communications and design expert, facilitated the planning process with the Watershed Council's six-member Planning Group. Codornices Creek

This Watershed Outreach Plan summarizes the goals of the organization in terms of public outreach and provides direction and timing of potential outreach campaigns. Through this effort, we created our first CCWC brochure to share with others who we are and what we do. We continue to use this document and process as guidance to do our work.

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