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CCWRAP Reports and Data

Codornices Creek

The following three reports and data were generated by the Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan (CCWRAP), a project of the Urban Creeks Council. For more information, please see the Urban Creeks Council's CCWRAP page.

  • Kier Associates. January 2007. "Final Monitoring Report for the Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan, Phase 2." Prepared for the Urban Creeks Council by Kier Associates, Blue Lake, CA.

  • Urban Creeks Council and FarWest Engineering. May 2005. "Codornices Creek Fish Passage and Habitat Improvement Project Conceptual Restoration Plan: San Pablo Avenue to Monterey Avenue Codornices Creek."

  • Kier Associates. September 2004. "Codornices Creek Watershed Restoration Action Plan." Prepared for the Urban Creeks Council by Kier Associates, Sausalito, CA.

Other Documents and Reports

Waterways Restoration Institute and Urban Creeks Council in Partnership with Codornices Creek Watershed Council. 2006. Stream Bioengineering Workshop Handbook: Using Natural Materials and Non-Structural Techniques to Combat Soil Erosion and Restore Creeks. March 11, 2006.

A.A. Rich Associates. 1990. Codornices Creek Fishery Resources Habitat Survey and Enhancement Feasibility Study.

Prunuske Chatham Inc. 1990. Codornices Creek Erosion Site Inventory.

Philip Williams and Associates, Ltd. 1997. Codornices Creek Flooding Analysis. Prepared for the University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley, California.

Kweskin, C. 1998. Assessment of Channel Change on Two East Bay Urban Stream Restoration Projects: Codornices Creek, Middle Fork and Castro Valley Creek. University of California, Berkeley Archives.

Kent, C. 1993. The Hydrologic Effects of Urbanization on the Succession of Trees on a Section of Codornices Creek. University of California, Berkeley, Landscape Architecture 222.

Friends of Five Creeks. Lower Codornices and Cerrito Creeks - History and Restoration Possibilities. Codornices Creek Codornices Creek

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